Overcoming addiction is one of life’s most difficult challenges. As is struggling with a mental illness.

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Dual Diagnosis in Phoenix AZ For many, using drugs or drinking is a mere symptom of underlying issues. Substance abuse can be used as a security or an escape depending on the individual. For some it is a coping
mechanism to help with the feelings or situations that they were feeling. It is not uncommon for someone struggling with substance abuse to have other conditions as well such as anxiety or depression.
As a dual diagnosis center, we can treat those as well ensuring that the care you receive will not jeopardize your sobriety. At times, we find that once the drinking or using drugs has stopped some of those symptoms are relieved but for others a diagnosis, medications, and therapy is needed to treat those conditions.
We recognize the importance of getting all the help you need in one place, for a continuum of care. This alleviates the chances of any medication interaction or another physician prescribing something that you would later need to detox from or would have to seek treatment for. We have a great medical team who can work together and work with you to get you the help you need.
If you have any Dual Diagnosis questions or concerns, please contact us to speak with one of our treatment advisors today for more information.
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