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Addiction recovery is a long and difficult process for anyone who experiences it, but the reward for making it through the various stages of rehab is more than worth it. Recovery offers the chance to start over with a healthy and fulfilling sober lifestyle. At Illuminate Recovery, we provide a wide range of addiction recovery treatment services to patients in the Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona areas. While we do not perform detox procedures at our treatment center, we have cultivated a large network of local detox providers who can ensure a safe, supervised, and effective detox experience for every patient we serve.

What Is Drug and Alcohol Detox?

The detox procedure, as the term suggests, detoxifies a patient’s body by extracting the last traces of illicit substances and chemicals. During detox, the patient will receive medical attention that both ensures the detox procedure completes correctly and to manage the symptoms of withdrawal the patient may experience.

Detox can last several hours or several days, depending on the type and severity of the patient’s addiction. However, no matter what type of detox process a patient needs, it is imperative to complete the detox procedure with a trusted professional provider.

medically supervised treatment

Why Is Medically Supervised Detox for Addiction Important?


Many people struggling with substance abuse disorders attempt to go “cold turkey” or manage their withdrawal symptoms on their own. They may fear legal consequences by admitting to substance abuse or simply do not want to give up their daily personal freedoms to attend a professional detox and rehab program. Whatever the case may be, attempting to self-detox from drugs or alcohol can be incredibly dangerous.

Withdrawal is a serious condition that manifests when a body has become dependent on a specific substance. When the body does not get another dose of that substance as expected, withdrawal starts. While some substances are largely psychologically addictive, many more are physically addictive and their withdrawal symptoms place the body under extraordinary strain, sometimes endangering the person’s life.

For example, withdrawal from opioid addiction or advanced alcoholism is potentially fatal. These addictions create incredibly strong physical dependencies that result in life-threatening withdrawal symptoms such as convulsions, seizures, heart failure, respiratory difficulties, and more. A medically assisted detox process ensures a patient does not suffer fatal side effects from the detox process while removing the last of the illicit substances from the patient’s body.

Essentially, medically assisted detox is careful supervision and treatment of withdrawal. The withdrawal experience is all but inevitable for anyone who struggles with a substance abuse disorder. The body has grown accustomed to having a certain substance – the brain and body depend on it. Repeated use of that substance has fundamentally changed how the body operates. The withdrawal response is basically the body’s way of coping with the sudden lack of the substance it has come to depend upon.

How to Determine the Severity of Withdrawal from Drugs

There are two main factors that typically inform how severe an individual’s withdrawal experience will be: the type of substance the individual abused, and the length of time they abused it. For example, a person who has become psychologically addicted to marijuana may experience some light physical symptoms of withdrawal following cessation such as headaches, fatigue, and nausea. An individual with an advanced addiction to alcohol, opioids, or benzodiazepine medications will likely have a much worse reaction when withdrawal manifests.

The medical detox partners who work with Illuminate Recovery have extensive experience handling all types of addictions. We understand that addiction does not affect everyone the same way and that people struggling with substance abuse disorders need individualized care. The network of detox providers in the Illuminate Recovery family work closely with each patient they treat to minimize the effects of withdrawal symptoms and to enable a safe transition for each patient from detox into recovery.

When an Illuminate Recovery patient visits one of our detox partners, the detox staff will carefully assess the patient’s condition and determine the severity of their addiction. The intake process helps ensure a safe experience and functional transition from detox to rehab. These detox services may also provide prescription medication for patients to manage their withdrawal symptoms as they begin the rehab process.

What to Expect from Detox at Illuminate Recovery Partner Facilities

The detox process is a difficult, but sometimes necessary, first step in your recovery journey. Illuminate Recovery works with a local network of addiction detox service providers throughout the Phoenix and Scottsdale area who can provide carefully managed and closely supervised detox services for our patients.

When you come to Illuminate Recovery for substance abuse disorder treatment, we begin the treatment process by helping you determine what level of care is needed for your specific circumstances. When detox is deemed a necessary, we work closely with our detox partners to arrange medically supervised detoxification as a first step.

While in detox, the patient will rest in a comfortable room while the medical staff administers the appropriate treatments. In most cases, this requires flushing the illicit substances out of the patient’s body while administering medications and fluids to minimize the appearance of withdrawal symptoms and improve the patient’s nutrition levels.

 Finding Detox Support in Arizona

It is also difficult to say how long detox will take without knowing a patient’s type of addiction and the severity of their addiction. However, detox rarely takes longer than 14 days and is generally 3-7. Detox is complete when the last of the drugs have been flushed from the patient’s body and withdrawal symptoms have subsided to manageable levels.

Who Needs Drug or Alcohol Detox?

Addiction is a complex illness that affects everyone differently. Detox is necessary in some treatment cases and unnecessary in others. To qualify for detox services at an Illuminate Recovery partner facility, a patient must have a physical dependency on an illicit substance. The patient must also experience distressing or physically painful withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to cease using their preferred illicit substance. These criteria help ensure the people who need detox services the most receive potentially life-saving treatment as quickly as possible.


In some cases, individuals may require detox if they suffer from a co-occurring mental disorder that may worsen during withdrawal. In these situations, people with co-occurring disorders may harm themselves or others without appropriate intervention.

Why Trust Illuminate Recovery with Your Addiction Treatment

 Detox and Addiction Recovery Support

The team at Illuminate Recovery believes in providing comprehensive, compassionate, and responsive care to every patient who comes to us for substance abuse treatment. We only refer patients who require detox services to fully licensed and thoroughly vetted detox facilities in the area. Every partner in our network of detox providers has established reputations as professional, trustworthy, and effective detox providers in the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas.

At Illuminate Recovery, our goal is to help patients start their journeys toward recovery on the strongest footing possible. Addiction is a complex and multifaceted issue. Individualized treatment should begin at the very first step of the recovery process with thorough, effective, and safe detox services. If you or a loved one are struggling with a substance abuse disorder and have experienced severe withdrawal symptoms with every attempt to cease consumption, medical detox is the safest way to begin the journey toward recovery.

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