AFTERCARE PLANNING: Creating Effective Plans Upon Completion of Treatment

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Following residential or PHP drug & alcohol rehab, proper aftercare and case management planning can make the difference in successful sobriety…

There are numerous drug and alcohol treatment centers throughout the country, and even in Arizona, that are “cookie-cutter” programs, meaning that they teach about the disease of addiction, relapse prevention, 12-step programs and other self-help support groups (AA, NA, CA, etc.).  Upon completion of these programs, many simply set clients up to transition to a local sober living home without giving thought to individual needs. After all, living a new sober lifestyle generally requires a complete change in thinking and living.


The success rate of long-term sobriety-recovery depends primarily on aftercare planning and services rendered once individuals are out of a completely structured environment, like residential drug rehab.  There are numerous facilities that offer step-down programs such as Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), sober living homes, offer transportation to 12- step meetings, therapy and medical appointments.  It is critical to know what you are signing up for when agreeing to aftercare as you want to give yourself the best chance of success.


There are people who do well when they become active in 12-step programs and other self-help support groups.  The camaraderie provided in these groups prevents people from isolating while being introduced to the premise of addiction recovery.  Others need more structured step-down programs – therapy, medication management, and IOP in addition to the more traditional 12-step approach.  There are also those who have their preconceived notions about the 12-Steps and are therefore resistant to engaging solely in those programs.


Making it through drug rehab treatment is a major accomplishment.  Despite hard-won gains, this is just the beginning.  Everyone who is working toward success and recovery from addiction & alcoholism benefits from a transitional period completing treatment and re-entering life.  Aftercare is designed to further improve that transition, which helps clients bridge what came before with what lies ahead.  It is a continuum of counseling and support once drug treatment is completed.  Many aftercare programs insist that clients be sober for a period of time before beginning aftercare services, but other programs may be extensions of inpatient drug rehabs.


The important benchmark is that there is an ongoing recovery process that taking place in the individual’s life.  The aftercare process provides services which will make transitioning into a new life with new habits and new ways of thinking more successful with less risk of relapse – in other words, of long-term recovery.  This is particularly true for the person who has completed a residential substance abuse treatment program where every hour of the day has been scheduled and devoted to recovery.  Real-life will bring pressures and responsibilities and even temptations which must be faced.  Maintaining a dependable support system where understanding and encouragement are assured is invaluable.


For some clients, aftercare may be a part of a lifelong health plan.  It provides regular support while the person is re-entering daily living.  It helps to concentrate on skills to prevent relapse, help with relational skills, tools for managing tress, anxiety and/or anger, understanding the dynamics of family, recognizing and addressing personal triggers and dealing with temptations and sometimes, random drug/alcohol testing.


Aftercare is a key component in living a successful life of recovery and sobriety.  It is the bridge which helps clients keep hold of the things they’ve learning and gaining as they embark upon a new way of living.


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