All Major Cards Accepted and Cash Transfers to Clients

ILLUMINATE RECOVERY: Recreating Lives and Building Dreams from the Ground Up!

Part of what makes Illuminate Recovery a leader among Arizona’s treatment providers is that we’re always striving to re-define the status quo. Generally this means providing an unparalleled level of addiction & mental health treatment and care, however, in this case it has to do with financial matters…

As stated above, Illuminate Recovery enables clients, loved ones and others to make secure online payments using any major credit or debit card, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex. Whether for co-pays, deductibles, out-of-pocket services or ancillary fees, we believe in adding essential conveniences wherever possible. Moreover, In addition to standard online card payments, we also offer something else that is quite unique and extremely convenient, and that is the ability to transfer funds from payer (generally family or friends) to the client via credit-debit card. This new service is a wonderful alternative to the high costs of wiring funds or the sluggishness of mailing a paper check, and it can all be done within a moment or two at your computer, tablet or phone.

 REFUND & CREDIT POLICY: In accordance with industry standards, Illuminate Recovery does not provide refunds for any matter involving a client’s discharge, willfully or non-willfully. Examples of this might be: a client violates a rule and is required to leave the program and/or the living residence, the client chooses to leave or discharge prior to having utilized all of the time/services that they have already paid for, or a prospective new client pays some or all of their initial payments but decides to ultimately not move in or admit to the program. In rare cases, however, we may offer some level of credit for a future stay. These instances are assessed on a case by case basis.



Illuminate Recovery excitingly teams up with CashBox Payment Solutions to offer these new services. As we continue to broaden the reach & scope among Arizona’s leading addiction and mental health treatment providers, there always remains that heartfelt spirit and fire, each and every day, that boldly strives to rebuild lives and families from the ground up!


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