Our Philosophy

Opening the door to a world of recovery to gain the confidence and skills to fully embrace a life in sobriety.

Our Philosophy

At Illuminate Recovery we have a clear understanding of addiction and the disease that it is. We know that making the decision to get help isn’t always an easy one or one made of free will. Although there is no cure for this disease we will work together to make sure you or your loved one can find remission. We will provide a support system and education that will enable a healthier lifestyle and clear view of a successful and productive future.

Our Mission

“Lighting the Path to Sobriety.”


Our Vision

Our vision is one of a whole body approach, we strive to meet the needs of our clients mentally, physically, educationally, and spiritually on their journey to recovery.


Our Goal

Our goal is to meet the needs of every client to by providing them all with an individual treatment plan including professional and peer support. We do this by offering high quality care to alcoholics and addicts who are suffering. We strive to provide them with the education and skills that will enable a life free of addiction.


Our Values

a. Respect

b. Empathy

c. Caring

d. Community

e. Timeliness

f. Effectiveness

g. Quality


Reach Out

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