The process of medical detoxification for withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can be very effective, especially when combined with inpatient drug rehab.


More and more inpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers are opening their own detoxification programs within their substance abuse programs. It is convenient for individuals not to have to acclimate to two separate facilities by first attending a standalone detox program and then transitioning to a drug treatment program with new residents and staff members.

Inpatient drug treatment programs are the most effective option for those struggling with drug and alcohol abuse disorders. The disease of addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful and proves too difficult to manage withdrawal without 24-hour continuous support. Medical detox programs with addiction treatment all in one provide an intensive inpatient therapeutic experience that follows once the detox process is complete.

Inpatient programs, with intensive individual and group therapy, addiction and relapse prevention education, and other critical therapeutic modalities seem to work better than outpatient programs. They provide strong support and high accountability that many people require when starting their journey in sobriety.

Statistically, inpatient substance abuse programs boast the highest success rates of all addiction treatment programs. Possibly, it’s related to the individual’s removal from their environment where they used or due to the fact that they have no access to drugs and alcohol, both which force them to find other coping skills to handle their emotions.

Detox only facilities don’t provide the support individuals need to overcome issues that lead to addictive behaviors in the first place. In fact, it is common for patients who get detox without seeking further treatment to experience a dangerous cycle of co-occurring issues along with relapse. Medical detox removes the physical dependence on drugs and alcohol but does nothing to heal the mind. Proper recovery programs helps individuals find psychological independence and allows one to heal mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well as physically.

Attending a medical detox program that is part of an inpatient drug addiction facility provides people hope that healing is possible. Residents who have progressed through the stages of detox can share their experience, strength and hope that with time, it will get better. They can provide encouragement in a way that staff is often unable to by suggesting they attend groups together to help distract their minds from their physical symptoms. In standalone detoxes, this doesn’t happen. Individuals remain focused on the suffering they are enduring and lose sight of the bigger picture.



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