AN OVERVIEW: Inpatient and Outpatient Drug Treatment Options


NOTE: Illuminate Recovery and Wellness Center does not offer traditional inpatient or residential addiction treatment services. Rather, we offer a unique blend of PHP and IOP levels of treatment, both of which affording the client an opportunity to live in any of our structured & upscale addiction recovery homes. These hybrid approaches to substance abuse treatment have not only shown greater success in length and quality of sobriety, but are also far more affordable options to inpatient-residential drug rehab.



For those living in Arizona or seeking drug and alcohol treatment services in Arizona, specifically throughout the Scottsdale & Phoenix areas, it’s important to understand that there has been much change over recent years with respect to the types of substance abuse treatment options available. From traditional inpatient and residential drug rehab settings to outpatient and intensive outpatient (IOP) programs, the scope of options is changing and it is important you be aware of how this can effect the quality of care that you or a loved one will receive.

Whether your issues relate strictly to drugs or alcohol, mental health or a combination (dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders), the array of treatment options has changed in many cases from traditional inpatient or residential rehab centers to what is often referred to nowadays as PHP (partial hospitalization). For a number of reasons, more and more drug and alcohol rehab centers are offering PHP style treatment as a means for providing more affordable recovery options, which therefore tends to lessen the financial burdens on both the health insurance company as well as the family while coming up with the often high costs associated with medical insurance deductibles and copays.

PHP (residential-style) and IOP (intensive outpatient treatment) are similar, in that they both offer clinical services off-site, meaning that patients do not live and receive actual treatment services at the same location. While there are inherent benefits to both styles of rehabilitation, the caution here is that in many instances there has been found to be substantially less oversight than would otherwise be found in traditional residential treatment centers. This would of course be expected in outpatient facilities since they don’t provide housing as part of the recovery program, but not so with PHP. And since the intent of PHP is to in fact take the place of inpatient treatment, a lack of sufficient and experienced 24/7 staff oversight is, without question, a very risky scenario.

Illuminate has set out to completely change the paradigm described above when it comes to treating drug and alcohol addictions! We offer ALL levels of treatment through our network of locations, this includes: residential-inpatient rehab, PHP treatment as well as IOP treatment. Upon speaking with you and learning all the specifics of your individual situation, we will together weigh ALL the elements and devise a plan that best works for YOU. From clinical care, to need for detoxification, to aftercare and even cost restrictions, this is about you and your success in recovery!

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Residential PHP and Outpatient (IOP) Drug Rehab Options in Scottsdale, AZ



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