Though Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona have many high income areas, reputable & effective addiction treatment and detox centers are, at times, surprisingly affordable.


Affordable Drug Rehab Centers and Medical Detox in Phoenix and Scottsdale, ArizonaMany alcoholics and drug addicts do not believe they have the option of going to medical detox or drug rehab center due to their financial constraints.  While this may be true of many addiction treatment and detox centers out there, finding a program that will work with you and your financial constraints IS possible.  It may take some footwork on your part but they do exist.

There are numerous medical detox’s and drug & alcohol treatment facilities in and around Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona (basically Maricopa County), and these areas, to some degree, can be viewed as middle to upper class regions.  It is very reasonable to conclude that many would presume most types of substance abuse and/or mental health facilities in these areas would be quite costly. Surprisingly, however, such isn’t the case when taking a closer look at Illuminate Recovery and Wellness Centers.

It is important to know that there are facilities, such as Illuminate Recovery, that are in nice locations throughout both, Scottsdale and Phoenix, as well as outlying areas like Chandler, Peoria, Tempe and Mesa, AZ.  – but are primarily interested in assisting the alcoholic or addict rather than focusing entirely on finances.

Many health insurance policies will pay a portion or all of medical detox and drug rehab programs.  But what happens to those who don’t have insurance and don’t have the finances to fund their treatment?  Medical detox can cost anywhere from $3000-$8000, Partial Hospitalization Programs (residential style rehabs) can cost upwards of $40,000 a month, and Intensive Outpatient Programs can cost up to $10,000 a month.  Please don’t despair as there are programs that have significantly lower price points and are willing to work with you!

Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ are home to Illuminate Recovery and Wellness Centers, one of the primary local addiction treatment facilities that takes your personal needs and complete story into account.  While obviously there is a need to pay for services, Illuminate Recovery is significantly lower in price than many other Maricopa County (Arizona) facilities.  At Illuminate, medical detox (with Suboxone & Subutex therapies) starts at $3500 while their Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP – similar to residential rehab) starts at $6500 per month and upwards.  Comparatively speaking, these are absolutely not typical price points among Arizona’s finer and more reputable drug rehab centers.

Illuminate Recovery works with many private PPO health insurance plans. Additionally, due to the gratitude and generosity of our sober alumni community, at times we are able to help offset treatment cost by up to 25% for cash-strapped individuals who qualify for our alumni partial scholarships. Though the availability of alumni scholarship funds are often rare, we at Illuminate Recovery and Wellness Centers truly do all we can to help, while providing one of Arizona’s finest in substance abuse & mental health treatment programs

Location wise, our we offer programs and recovery housing services through Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ, and are in plans to expand outward into the areas of; Tempe, Peoria, Mesa and Chandler.


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