Trauma PTSD In Phoenix AZTrauma is a common precursor to substance abuse and addiction. Because of this, Illuminate Recovery includes trauma therapy in our rehab programs. This allows patients to address any history of trauma and focus on their recovery.
Not all individuals with a history of trauma identify as the victims or witnesses of traumatic events. This can happen for several reasons. Sometimes, patients have repressed memories of trauma. In other cases, patients think the behavior was normal, or they may be too embarrassed to discuss it.
Trauma-informed therapy can be especially helpful when patients have repressed traumatic experiences in the past. This is particularly true among those who were very young when the trauma occurred. Reconstructing the scene and asking specific questions about the experience might bring it to memory. This isn’t meant to be hurtful, but to lead to a resolution. However, the process can be difficult for some.
Therapy can also give patients the strength to forgive others, which is no easy feat. Sometimes violence or trauma in the past has to be forgiven in order for patients to move on. Other times, patients need to accept the reality of the situation without emotional reaction. This can help with the healing process.
While trauma therapy is a key part of recovery for many patients, it’s not the only element. For the best chance at successful recovery from addiction, Illuminate Recovery offers a range of therapy methods. Combining trauma-informed therapy with group therapy, education, awareness, and relapse prevention, it can help patients regain a zest for the life and the tools to fight against addiction.
Trauma and PTSD therapy can be an outlet for those who haven’t verbalized their trauma in the past. It’s unsettling to discuss trauma for most individuals. However, it’s a necessary step for recovery in many cases. Patients might talk about a traumatic experience such as:
  • Witnessing a violent crime
  • Being physically attacked
  • Being a victim of sexual abuse or assault
  • Military action
  • First Responders
If you have any Trauma and PTSD questions or concerns, please contact us to speak with one of our treatment advisors today for more information.

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