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Medication Assisted Treatment In Phoenix & Scottsdale AZ
Addiction to prescription drugs is a tough condition to deal with. You need help with a chemical dependency that’s turned your life upside down. In addition, you need help with the underlying condition in the form of medication management.
It starts with the intake interview. When you talk to the addiction specialist, the expert will assess you for a dual diagnosis. Doing so allows you to find out if you have a co-occurring mental health disorder.
Next, there’s a discussion about your chemical dependency. If it involves a prescription drug, it’s vital to find out what condition you’re struggling with. A case in point is the opioid user who has a pain management problem. Frequently, it’s possible to find alternative means of handling the pain impulses.
Another facet of the medication management plan is the use of prescription medications to assist with rehab. Depending on the drug you’re recovering from, you may benefit from pharmacological support. Likewise, if you’re using medications for other physiological conditions, it’s vital for a therapist to connect with your physician. Doing so prevents problems with substances that don’t work well together.
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