Even though home is home, sometimes you just can’t go back. Too many reminders and bad memories can be obstacles in your recovery. You may not be able to forget your past troubles of drug and alcohol addiction, but you can certainly build a better now and future! Sober living homes give you an opportunity to do just that. Here you will meet people who are in the same boat as you, who you can relate to and feel comfortable expressing yourself.


Athletes and the many successful business people have their own personal coaches. So, it stands to reason, during the most difficult time in your life – recovery from drug and alcohol addiction – you should and deserve to have a recovery coach in your corner. Why go it alone when you can have the support from someone who knows where you have been and is willing to help you get to a much better place and build a healthy lifestyle that works for you.


Aftercare planning should be the last phase and an integral part of your recovery program. When you first seek professional help for your drug and alcohol addiction, you should be administered a complete evaluation to diagnose your current situation and determine what is best for you. Your recovery plan should be comprehensive and customized to fit your situation and adjusted along the way when need be. Once you complete drug rehab, it is imperative to understand what to expect next and create a structure and support system to ensure lasting sobriety success.


When you are in recovery, you may try to resist meetings. They say, what you resist persists. It’s understandable that it may seem forced or even cultish, but there are gems to be found. Whether it’s traditional 12-step, Non-12-Step, SMART Recovery or other methods, the structure and camaraderie are what can render you great benefits. So, go in with an open mind and the fortitude to persevere in your road to recovery. Who knows, maybe your story will captivate and transform someone there to lasting sobriety!


Without getting too corny, this is the brotherhood or sisterhood of all time. Recovery is an endless journey, upon which you will encounter many different people and obstacles. Although your family and friends are well meaning, there’s nothing like being around someone who can relate to your experiences with drug and alcohol addiction. During and after drug rehab, you can form incredible bonds and wonderful friendships with those who have passed through the same doors as you.

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