Upscale Women’s Sober Living in Scottsdale, Arizona

The Sobriety Experience – Amethyst House

The Sobriety Experience provides gender specific housing for women and men in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. The Amethyst House is a sober living environment for women specifically.

Amethyst women’s sober living home provides females a comfortable and safe place to communicate and relate to other women who are facing the same challenges. We understand how imperative it is to have a substance-free living environment while in an addiction recovery program. Sober homes provide a clean setting for individuals to work on a healthy lifestyle routine.

Sometimes substance abuse makes it difficult for the individual to feel connected with others. 

The Sobriety Experience – Amethyst House

Many who suffer from addiction also struggle with guilt, shame and even depression. While in a sober living home, individuals with a similar history can help hold each other accountable for their actions. Peer to peer accountability is important to how one develops relationships in the “real world”.

What to Expect in Women’s Sober Living

At the Sobriety Experience, you will have the support of dedicated staff and a strong recovery community. Here you will have the opportunity to create new relationships, a healthier lifestyle and a happier you!


Here is what you can expect while staying at Amethyst Sober Living:

Women’s sober living home in Scottsdale
Women’s sober living home in Scottsdale

Safe, Sober Environment

Typical sober living homes are just a home away from home. The Sobriety Experience provides clients with guidance and accountability 24/7. Our staff offers additional support in your recovery through random urinalysis [UA’S] and breathalyzers, verifying meeting and intensive outpatient participation and completion of chores.

Shared Household Duties

We believe it is critical to work on life skills while in recovery. By sharing household chores, individuals can start to take responsibility for day-to-day duties without taking on the burden of all of the tasks alone. The goal is to start with baby steps and work towards successful independent living.

Monitored House Rules

We provide a fairly flexible environment and structure. However, sober living homes are only effective if there are house rules and someone there to enforce them. We do allow visitors, but only during certain hours. No illicit substances are ever allowed on our premises. No excuses for missing chores. Staying in a sober home means following the schedule and always doing your part.

The Sobriety Experience Amenities

While in an outpatient treatment program at Illuminate Recovery, individuals will participate in day treatment at our clinical facilities and then return home to a sober living environment in the evenings. Some of our clients who live in the Phoenix area return home to their own houses. However, typically while in PHP and the more intensive outpatient part of your treatment plan, one will typically stay in a sober living home.

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The Amethyst Sobriety Experience provides clients with:

☑ Flat Screen TV
☑ HD Cable
☑ WIFI Internet
☑ Computer Office Area
☑ Pool
☑ Meditation Area
☑ Games
☑ Outings
☑ And more…

We also provide a gym membership and transportation to and from meetings, day treatment and activities.

Women’s sober living home in Scottsdale

The Sobriety Experience is an upscale, affordable option for those looking for a comfortable sober living environment that offers gender specific housing in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area.

Expect in Women’s Sober Living

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