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The Sobriety Experience – Charter House

Men of all ages and backgrounds are invited to seek a serene place for recovery at Charter House. This is the men’s residential housing facility provided by The Sobriety Experience, intended to provide safe and comfortable upscale men’s sober living in Scottsdale, AZ. This environment allows men going through the recovery process to be free to go about their daily routines and express themselves without the distractions they may experience in daily life. Charter House provides a support structure that allows men in recovery to maintain a sober lifestyle as they work to change their lives.

Gender-specific living facilities provide an opportunity for individuals to focus on recovery and sobriety without many of the obstacles they would face living on their own. Living in a facility such as this allows the patient to develop healthy bonds and new relationships that help them to maintain a happy life as they transition into a sober lifestyle. Our partner’s housing for individuals undergoing therapy with us offers sober living arrangements that benefit individuals in our IOP and PHP programs. Partnering with The Sobriety Experience allows us to offer affordable housing in a supportive, safe, enjoyable environment.

What to Expect in Men’s Sober Living

The Sobriety Experience offers safe, affordable sober houses in AZ where men can rely on the assistance of dedicated staff members who wish to see them succeed in their recovery. The experience of living in one of these houses will better prepare individuals to maintain a healthy, sober life as they transition into the world outside of recovery.

Benefits of Group Therapy

What Are the Benefits of Group Therapy


At Illuminate Recovery, individuals see many benefits to their recovery process through group therapy. Some of the most influential effects they find include:

Amenities of Sober Living Facilities

As individuals utilize sober living facilities to ease their transition into a regular daily routine, they must participate in day treatment, such as IOP with sober living Scottsdale, to successfully recover and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sober living houses allow individuals to maintain their daily treatment at our clinical facilities and then go back to their sober living environment in the evenings, where they enjoy a home life that prepares them for the world once they complete treatment. In some cases, patients complete their treatment and return to their homes, but every case is unique, and the professional therapists who lead your recovery efforts are skilled in determining an individual’s likelihood of maintaining sobriety if they return to their former environment. For individuals who must adhere to Partial Hospitalization Programs and Intensive Outpatient Programs’ strict guidelines, sober living houses are often a necessary part of their therapy and ability to transition back into everyday life successfully.

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Facilities Designed for Resident Success

The outpatient sober houses in the Phoenix area that The Sobriety Experience provides help individuals escape from the unsavory memories of their life in active addiction by specifically designing their facilities to help residents succeed. They provide gender-specific environments surrounded by sober peers and offer amenities such as swimming pools and ping pong tables to encourage fellowship and relationship building among those living in the house. These unique amenities, supported by the house staff that ensures sober living, help give individuals a glimpse of life after recovery and help them build life skills with a goal in mind. If you have any questions about the sober living facilities we offer, reach out to us today to speak with a housing advisor.

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