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Illuminate sets the standard in revolutionizing the addiction treatment industry! Our program overlaps the treatment portion with the client’s life, allowing the client to receive adequate addiction treatment with the ability to put that information into practical application immediately with the safety net and guidance provided by Illuminate Recovery’s staff.

Medical Detox

Detox or Medical Detoxification is the 1st step in long-term recovery. Over time, many substances create a physiological dependence in the body. Although Illuminate Recovery does not provide detox services, we can help you find the detox facility that is right for you and will partner with our program’s curriculum.



At Illuminate Recovery, we provide a PHP program that consists of 20 hours of therapy - both individual and group, per week. An Intensive Outpatient or IOP program usually consists of at least 9 hours of group therapy per week taking place over a minimum of 3 days during the week.


Sober Living Environments

Our Sober Living Partners have a complete set of Processes and Standards that all residents must adhere to for the benefit of the group and individual. The integrity and success of the group is a responsibility that lies with all of us therefore we emphasize the family spirit and structure put in place.


Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Services

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It’s not always easy to tell if you’re battling drug addiction. Most people believe that they’re abusing drugs, and they know this is a problem. However, they don’t feel addicted to anything. Perhaps this is where you are right now. Check out our additional Addiction Quizzes to learn more about signs and symptoms of drug addiction.


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