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Like so many things in today’s fast-moving and evolving world, the stale, overpriced and often ineffective approaches utilized by most typical residential drug rehab centers are long past due for something better – something that integrates real-life components while integrating today’s advanced therapies with yesterday’s time tested approaches, ultimately focusing on creating long-term “quality” recovery for years to come.


Upwards of 60% to 70% of graduates from residential or inpatient addiction treatment programs will relapse within the first 90 days following successful completionof the rehab program.   Worse yet, fewer than 10% will make it through the first year!


So how then is Illuminate Recovery and Wellness able to avert such staggeringly low numbers?


Illuminate sets the standard in revolutionizing the addiction treatment industry standard. Our program overlaps the treatment episode with the client’s life, thereby allowing the client to receive adequate addiction treatment information with the ability to put that information into practical application at once with the safety net of guidance provided by Illuminate Recovery’s staff. At Illuminate Recovery, we vehemently disagree with the approach of the model of completely separating a client from life (in general terms), providing them with a time-centered curriculum, graduating the client after that pre-determined set time and wishing them luck as they go off to get back into the stream of life and navigate all of the obligations and responsibilities they placed on hold while they were in treatment.


Welcome to another way, a better way, a path to quality living and true recovery

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Another Testimonial


“I had been to residential treatment 3 times over the past couple years, and each time I did really well while in treatment. Then each time I completed the program it was just a matter of 2 or 3 weeks until I was full blown back to using heroin and pain pills.  You can take away my money, my freedom, my phone, etc. and sure enough I have no problem staying sober, and typical residential treatment was exactly that. Being at Illuminate allowed me to still have some freedoms and money in my pocket, but with a level of structure and oversight that helped me to experience a certain amount of “life” while practicing staying sober. I got to live in one of their structured sober living residences and attend treatment 5 days a week, yet still was able to experience portions of life. It was a PERFECT blend! Thank you Bobbe and staff for everything — next week is my 1 year sober birthday — WOO HOO :)”

Jennifer Ralston

Peoria, AZ, SUBMISION DATE: June 2018

Accredited Addiction Rehab in Scottsdale | Phoenix, AZ


Helping people overcome addiction and create a new life in recovery

Illuminate Recovery provides individualized addiction treatment for men and women 18+, including medical detox, partial hospitalization (PHP “residential or inpatient-style”), intensive outpatient (IOP) and sober living and aftercare recovery housing.

Our mission is to provide an improvement in the overall quality of life and wellness for those struggling with addiction and substance-related mental health difficulties through integrative evidence based therapies and treatment approaches.


At Illuminate Recovery, you can expect a 6 to 1 patient to staff ratio provided by master level therapists and behavioral health technicians. What sets us apart is our experience and treatment for chronic relapses, particularly young adults suffering from opiate addiction. Our clients will have an array of addiction treatment services that includes CBT, EMDR, life skills, group therapy, private therapy and couples therapy on varied schedules. Furthermore, we offer aftercare planning for up to 6 months.

Illuminate Recovery’s housing component provides a luxurious yet highly structured environment that focuses on substance abuse and dual diagnosis. Our experienced addiction treatment professionals are here 24/7 to answer your questions and help you get started on your road to recovery. 844-700-9888.

PHP = Stands for “partial hospitalization” and is considered to be a more affordable alternative to a traditional residential or inpatient drug & alcohol rehab center setting. Additionally, health insurance companies will often times cover longer stays in PHP settings, which can greatly benefit the addict/alcoholic as well as his or her family.

Addiction treatment for men and women in Scottsdale, AZ

How It Works

How long is addiction treatment?

The length of stay in drug rehab will depend on your situation, how long you have been using drugs, what type of drugs, your health condition, your environment, health insurance coverage, financial situation and other factors which will be discussed upon initial evaluation.

Do I need detox?

Withdrawal symptoms from drug and alcohol addiction can be painful, dangerous and life threatening. Medical detox allows people to safely and comfortably withdraw from drugs and alcohol. Every situation is different and should be discussed as part of your overall recovery plan, since medical detox is the first phased in addiction recovery.

Why choose Illuminate Recovery?

At Illuminate Recovery, you can expect a 6 to 1 patient to staff ratio provided by master level therapists and behavioral health technicians. What sets us apart is our experience and treatment for chronic relapses, particularly young adults suffering from opiate addiction.

Stop Addiction Now!

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